We target physical impairments with

muscle weakness and tightness

Weak wrist

Claw hand

Muscle injury

It is common to see a child with Muscular Dystrophy or Hemiplegia struggles to complete simple tasks such as shaking hands or using a spoon because of muscle weakness and tightness. The symptom may be progressive, so the more movements they could consciously do while young, the better the symptom would be when they grow up.


VIGOR's product contains two main functional features: 

VIGOR INNOTECH applies an Artificial Muscle System to provide flexible and automatic support on weak muscles (the technology is patent pending). The artificial muscle fibers are designed to imitate the contraction and extension of human muscles. Each strip of artificial muscle is controlled individually.

VIGOR INNOTECH's Artificial Muscle System applies light and flexible materials and structures to generate strong assistive force. One thin layer of Muscle can raise at least 6kg weight. Our current prototype can help wrist movements in vertical and horizontal directions. It also assists pronation and supination of hands. 

These Artificial Muscles are triggered by a Artificial Nervous System which detects, analyses and adjusts Bio-signals from weak muscles. When the user is about to execute a movement, the Artificial Muscle System will be activated by the Bio-signals to add extra strength to the intended movement. 


VIGOR INNOTECH has organised a workshop to test our Artificial Nervous System and collect bio-data from patients. The workshop aims at verifying the algorithm which is designed to analyse and learn patients' moving patterns. It will allow our users to control the support actively.



Augmentation & Assistance

VIGOR INNOTECH delivers solutions to provide support on affected muscles all over the body. It will not completely replace wearers' muscle functions but encourages them to practise more.

VIGOR INNOTECH helps people with:

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Hemiplegia

  • Peripheral nerve neuropathy 

      (for example Charcot–Marie–Tooth)

  • Muscle injuries

Muscle care & management

The Artificial Nervous System knows the wearer's muscle conditions including gestures, muscle strength and fatigue etc. A personal database will be built regarding the wearer's daily muscle activities. It tells if the symptom is getting worse and  how much support from Artificial Muscles is needed for weak muscles.