Charlie Tan

Yu Sang

Mingxu Peng

Design Engineer
Product Designer
Electrical Engineer
Head of Hardware Engineering
Electronic Engineer

Charlie is the inventor of VIGOR INNOTECH's product. He holds double degree masters (MSc and MA) from Imperial College London and Royal College of Art. He excels at designing and manufacturing healthcare products. Charlie always chases the combination of design and engineering to achieve the best solution for users.

Yu Sang is responsible for the technical aspects of VIGOR INNOTECH's product. He is a PhD candidate at EEE Department of Imperial College London. Yu Sang is enthusiastic at applying technology with creativities and delivering down-to-earth products to overcome barriers of user experience.

Mingxu is an excellent Hardware Engineer in VIGOR INNOTECH's team. He is a PhD candidate at EEE Department of Imperial College London. Mingxu is experienced in wearable medical technology especially in signal processing and Embedded System design. 

Ling Ling

Mingjing Lin

Product Designer
Product Designer

As a product designer, Ling has experience of designing and manufacturing products for people with limb disabilities. She is a talented CAD modeler and familiar with product development process.

Wearable Designer

Mingjing is a PhD of Fashion Design. Her research concerns how to combine latest technology with aesthetic perspective of wearable products. She is responsible for the wearable features of VIGOR's product.